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Birthday Reminder widget

I know it’s been a long while since I’ve updated this blog, so imagine my surprise that this site has been getting a steady stream of visitors since June. Looking at the log, it’s safe to say that a lot of people were looking for a birthday reminder widget.

Guess what? We’ll be developing the one listed here soon :)


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2 widgets shortlisted

Yay! 2 widgets were shortlisted!

Tweetly and Today In History. Please vote for them!!


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Widget batch #12

Blogger Roll

Blogger Roll

A blogger RSS feeder, will scroll periodically whenever there’s a new blog post that you are following. Click on the settings icon to enter a list of rss feeds. Posts titles that are too long will be truncated. Clicking on the title will load the browser to the said blog post.

You can find this here

Today In History

Today In History

This is a fun widget if you’re a history buff (I am :P). The widget will display key moments in history everyday. The feeds will be taken from a site (History.com) and will rotate through all events in history on that date. Titles that are long will scroll while excerpts that are long will be truncated. Get this if you’re a history geek!

You can find this here

Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup

Sometimes we get calls from unfamiliar numbers, to avoid paying for long distance charges, it’s always best to know the originating call. Use Reverse Lookup widget to find out where you missed calls/current call are from. If it’s a cell number, you’ll be given the cell tower location (if it’s possible). An invasion of privacy, but isn’t it fun? :D

You can find this here

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Hello there, this is a blog where I’ll be posting my entries for the Nokia N97 widget competition. I was looking for a place where I could showcase some of my ideas without the limit of 350 characters imposed by the competition submission.

I am a designer by experience and not a programmer, hence what you’ll be looking at are mostly graphic mockups that I, one day hope Nokia or anyone who is interested will code and make it functional.

If you're interested in knowing what our company can do, feel free to visit us at www.nerdattack.com.my

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